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Accessories are what take your furniture and decor to the next level, they represent your individuality and flare. That's why we offer a huge range of home accessories, to suit your individual style.

•  Rugs

•  Mirrors, pictures and picture frames

•  Cushions

•  Fire pokers, fire guards and coal buckets

•  Vases

•  Candle holders and ornaments

We have a large range of homely accessories to complement your home.

Whether you need log fire accessories such as fire pokers and coal buckets, or you want to brighten up the room with a stylish rug, we have a great selection available.

A sample of our accessories

Finishing touches

Accessorise your home with ornaments, rugs and mirrors. Visit us in store to see what we have to offer, or give us a call us on 028 9244 0934 with your enquiry. For bedroom furniture, take a look at the bedroom furniture page.

Accessorise your home today

Home accessories

For an exquisite selection of home accessories, visit us at Style House today! For all of your enquiries, give us a call on:

028 9266 5387